About Us

The Columnists are a group of people who write about culture, books, travel, politics, and current affairs. If you’re interested in contributing to The Columnists, or have a question for one of our writers, please email thecolumniststom@gmail.com.

Here are the team:


Tom Fish – Editor-in-Chief

Tom Fish founded The Columnists to give progressive young writers a platform and is the Editor-in-Chief. Tom writes the regular Dispatches column, which covers travel, illness, and his many misadventures. When he’s not writing Tom works in the student movement.

Lydia Scarlett Isherwood – Deputy Editor

Lydia is a Psychology and Gender Studies graduate from the University of Leeds and now works in a Students’ Union. When she’s not in the office she enjoys reading and drinking red wine. Lydia’s interests are mainly gender relations and feminist activism. Lydia’s articles are published every two weeks.

Our Writers:

Katie Lowes 

Katie is a final year politics student at the University of Leeds. When she is not studying she is involved in student politics, and loves baking, Netflix, going to the theatre and walking her dog. Her main interests lie in feminism, British politics and education. Katie’s pieces are published monthly.

Rhea Halsey 

Rhea is a history graduate from the University of Leeds. She works in student volunteering and when not in the office, enjoys binge listening to podcasts, going to community events and dreaming of her next travel destination. Rhea’s interests are mainly social politics and activism, with pieces published every month.

Molly Goffin

Molly is a soon to be Politics and Sociology undergraduate writing about Politics across the globe, along with social issues such as LGBTQ+ and Women’s rights. Her column is monthly. Her interests are not limited to what she writes, she also enjoys cats, broccoli, and dancing poorly to ABBA.